Information and Documentation Services
  A well equipped library and documentation centre has been set up which caters to the requirements of staff, student trainees, professionals working with other organizations including NGOs and parents.
  Our information and documentation services will eventually  become a national reference and resource centre in the field of mental handicap. More than 2000 documents in the field of mental retardation and related aspects; about 31 leading international/national professional journals and other periodicals and more than 10 video cassettes containing audio visual information are available for use.
A quarterly news letters "SAMARPAN" as brought out since 1998 and functions as platform for various organizations in the country to share information with others.
  As per September 2001 Samarpan has brought out a total of 63 publications 10 video films, 6 CAL software, 20 educational folders, 50 different types of posters.
Our Managing Director Dr Shivajee Kumar Recieved Man of The Year Award 2010 at New Delhi OUR NGO "CHILD CONCERN" awarded wih Best NGO in the field of Child Welfare from Govt of India Ministry of HDR OUR SPECIAL SCHOOL- "SAMARPAN" was awarded with DEREZIO AWARD 2006
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