Samarpan Mission
  Samarpan family strives to realize the VISION through its MISSION 
by professional concern to develop and promotes 
"Quality Rehabilitation Services for all persons with mental handicap."
  "To love and serve the mentally handicapped."
  "Every person with Mental Retardation deserves the best possible education and rehabilitation."
  "Our motto is "We hurry to any where, where human needs call us to be."
To provide special education and training for Mentally Handicapped children.
To enable and empower persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities to live as independently and as close as possible to the community to which they belong.
To develop appropriate models of care and habilitation for the mentally retarded persons appropriate to Indian condition.
To develop manpower for delivery of services to the mentally handicapped.
To identify, conduct co-ordinate, research in the area of mental retardation.
To serve as a documentation and information centre in the area of mental retardation.
To promote and stimulate growth of various kinds in quality services for persons with mental retardation through out the country.
To provide vocation based training, employment opportunities as well as sheltered workshop for mentally retarded.
Disseminate knowledge for the guidance of parents, relatives, teachers, or other concerned with mentally retarded.
Facilitate the realisation of equal opportunity, protection of rights and full participation of persons with disability. 
Our Managing Director Dr Shivajee Kumar Recieved Man of The Year Award 2010 at New Delhi OUR NGO "CHILD CONCERN" awarded wih Best NGO in the field of Child Welfare from Govt of India Ministry of HDR OUR SPECIAL SCHOOL- "SAMARPAN" was awarded with DEREZIO AWARD 2006
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