Research and Development
  SAMARPAN gives at most important to progress through research, Studies are carried out to probe into problems, to seek answers and information in various aspect related to persons with mentally and other handicapped.
The Institute has strong research base during the short span of 3 years, the Institute has completed 5 research projects, while 5 of research projects are on going. In the initial years, the main focus of research projects carried out at the Institute was community based rehabilitation, now areas were early intervention, strengthening families and community Support programmes, computer aided instructional programmes and support to integrated education programmes. We have been working for Community Participation Programme for Reach and Relief persons with Disability. All the research projects have lead to publication of books and literature for professionals, parents and general public.
  The completed projects are :-
Development of training material for workers in rural areas detection and management of all type handicapped children 1998-2000, SAMARPAN.
Development of Materials, tool, poster, slogan, visual and audio modes for creation of awareness in the parents of mentally handicapped children in the community, 1998-2000, SAMARPAN.
A model of services for pre-school handicapped children in rural areas, 1998-2000, SAMARPAN.
Early detection of Mental retardation, 1998-1999, SAMARPAN.
Vocational placement of Mentally Handicapped persons in farming, 1998-2001 SAMARPAN.
  Ongoing Project¬†:-
Development of computer assisted materials for teaching training for mentally handicapped children.
Community Based Rehabilitation for persons with disabled
Multi centre collaborative programme on vocational training and employment of persons with mental retardation.
Pre-School service. Programme for Developmentally Delayed children.
Development of awareness and Training Material for in the four areas of Disabilities.
Our Managing Director Dr Shivajee Kumar Recieved Man of The Year Award 2010 at New Delhi OUR NGO "CHILD CONCERN" awarded wih Best NGO in the field of Child Welfare from Govt of India Ministry of HDR OUR SPECIAL SCHOOL- "SAMARPAN" was awarded with DEREZIO AWARD 2006
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